iPage Coupons

iPage is a powerful web hosting company that offers a number of excellent features including a free domain name, plenty of hosting space, both shared and dedicated plans, and speedy, reliable service. With friendly and helpful customer support, it’s hard to go wrong with iPage. The company also offers a number of different coupons to give you the opportunity to quickly save when signing up for your first, second, or third purchase. There are plenty of ways to build a website with this service, as well, and even if you have no experience, it will be easy to get your site set up and running.

iPage Coupons

iPage Review

On the whole, iPage has proven to be a reliable and secure web hosting plan, rated highly by users of all types and budgets. The company offers a number of discounts, features, and certificates to allow you to have access to all the hosting services you might need.

iPage Shared Hosting Plans

When you are signing up for iPage, you’ll ned to select the plan that best suits your needs. The basic plan begins at $6 per month, offering one hundred GB storage, a hundred email accounts, and monthly data transfers in unlimited amounts. You will also get access to site backups and a free domain registration and hosting for a year. When upgrading to the plus plan, you will pay ten dollars per month, but gain access to unlimited domains, storage, and email. The business plan has all the added features of the previous two plans with added site backup pro and free SSL certificates.

iPage Coupons

Including the ability to gain 35 or more precent off your first purchase through iPage, coupons are available for spring, summer, and fall discounts, as well as winter discounts for purchases of web hosting or other services. There are also coupons available for 50% off your first web hosting service signup, as well as up to 75% off select services and dedicated/shared plans. For the business plan, iPage often has coupons reducing the cost of features like site backup and SSL certificates.

iPage Features

In addition to a number of excellent features surrounding database management, bandwidth, and email, iPage has plenty of other services as well. One feature is the ability to quickly and efficiently set up a WordPress blog through the host. It is easy to click and select various options as you go through the process of setting up your blog. If at any point you get stuck, help is available by simply pressing a few buttons to get web chat going.

Other features of iPage include custom cron jobs, email support, security measures to prevent malware and hackers from getting to your site, and even e-commerce options through Mojo marketplace and more. The company is known for its wide range of features, which has something for everyone. ShopSite is one such feature, which allows you to add a banner, logo, products, and a number of social media choices as well.

iPage Privacy and Security

Using iPage, you will be able to quickly gain access to a site backup plan, which will ensure your folders, files, and both individual and distribute backups stay secure at all times. There are plenty of SSL certificates available for purchase which cost just $70 on a yearly basis, as well as dedicated choices at $40 for each month.

Speed and Uptime

Through a number of uptime and speed offerings, iPage allows users to quickly obtain support for their site to remain online at all times, as well as uptime backup guarantees over 99%. During our tests, we found that iPage remained highly reliable, fast, and secure at all times. Unlike a number of other web hosts, iPage offers the ability to quickly contact support in case your site goes down at any point.

Additional Benefits and Features

There are several other features of iPage including WordPress integration, unlimited emails and traffic, full around the clock tech support, a money back guarantee, a dot com domain afforded free, and prices starting at just $4 per month. As many users point out, the service is extensive, offering unlimited support, space, and malware protection to ensure that your site remains safe at all times.

Customer Support

One of the great things about iPage is the customer support features. Thankfully, this company is one of the best in terms of customer support. They will quickly answer any questions you might have regarding issues, tech problems, help requests or other problems associated with site management and database provisioning. In addition, iPage representatives are helpful, friendly, and quite sociable, giving you exactly what you need to make sure your site is up and running in no time at all.

User Feedback and Reviews

A number of users have left feedback about iPage on the company’s website, discussing the various options you can gain access to when signing up for service. One user pointed out that with their unlimited database features for the business plan, he was able to scale his business to the next level using just a few advanced options. He also saved a lot of money signing up for the annual plan — since it was cheaper than a number of competitor options.

Another user said she was able to gain access to higher level of traffic and regular web visitors thanks to iPage’s reliability and uptime. Unlike other hosts, this one happens to provide extensive uptime guarantees which ensured that her site stayed reliably accessible at all times. She also liked the option to use WordPress as part of the package she signed up for, which was the basic plan.


On the whole, iPage is a great selection for users of all types and budgets. Unlike a number of different services, iPage offers choices that are affordable, reliable, secure, and speedy. You will be able to take your website to the next level using this company, which offers plenty of choices for service and reliability. Especially when using coupons, you’ll be able to get steep discounts on service through this company. We give iPage a rating of 5/5 stars and recommend them as one of the top web hosting services available.


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