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Bitcoin Kamikaze      

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Online products / Gambling
is a game of luck with high chances of winning (up to 5x your bet). Can you escape the mines and make it through?
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Bitcoin Kamikaze's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: ManicMiner(Guest)
2013-08-31 22:20:07

      not a fair site, i hit the jackpot square during cash game, at 10:35gmt 31/08/13 and I didnt hit a bomb and collected and it never credited my Jackpot: 0.27452

scam!! from user 4252

I registered to put this report on record, who knows maybe its a bug the dev will fix and credit me, but as there is no way to contact them that i can find, then i'm left feeling robbed.

I started playing and was enjoying myself, my account was up and down but i was having fun, then when i hit the jackpot square i got excited, i was thinking this site is great, for about 3-6 secs, until i realised the jackpot remained in the game and no jackpot win notification in the "last jackpot win" box, in fact none for days

overall I feel this is site in not fair, and it states nowhere on site that it is provably fair, use this site with caution!!!!

if the developers look into this and correct it i will report back and amend this review

I'll keep you posted but ATM i give Bitcoin Kamakaze currently 1 star

Reviewed By: Dave(Guest)
2013-04-01 02:01:37

      This site is really fun, really addictive. I just wish there was a litecoin version.

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