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Material / Physical Products / Clothing and accessories
Design Savvy Science/Academic Based T-Shirts. Bitcoin accepted at checkout.
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Babbletees's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: payday loans(Guest)
2015-10-06 06:10:53

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Reviewed By: Margaret(Guest)
2013-04-19 12:08:01

      What started out as a simple order turned into a nightmare.

I ordered 4 shirts in mid-December 2012. The t-shirts arrived 3 weeks later.

All 4 shirts were several inches smaller than the dimensions for a “Medium” listed on their website. I mailed back the 4 shirts, requesting two refunds, and two exchanges.

Nothing. No response.

Over the last three and a half months I have emailed Babbletees over a dozen times. I’ve sent messages through the “Contact Us” form on their website. I’ve left several phone messages.

I contacted PayPal, but could not receive a refund from PayPal, because by this time, more than 45 days had passed. PayPal contacted Babbletees several times. I also contacted the Better Business Bureau. Babbletees would not return the calls/emails from either PayPal or the BBB.

An incredibly frustrating experience.

Reviewed By: Jeanne Piscopo(Guest)
2012-09-19 10:37:27

      THE WORST. I should have learned the first time, but believed his lies about how long these "custom shirts" take. Thank GOd I put it on AMEX, Im not paying this time, and 4 weeks is riducoulus.
Reviewed By: Jeff(Guest)
2012-09-05 18:54:19

      Hello all-

I have started a Facebook Group for everyone who has had problems with Babbletees. Feel free to join!

Reviewed By: Ron Santo\'s legs(Guest)
2012-06-14 09:31:10

      Had to file a claim with my credit card company to get my money back. They saw through Josh's lies and refunded my money
Reviewed By: Josh\'s Best Friend(Guest)
2012-03-15 02:46:56

      How does one pay $60 for 2 shirts? Easy - ask Josh at Babbletees how they sell incorrectly sized shirts for the wrong gender. Actually, it's quite difficult, as Josh won't talk to anyone once you purchase a shirt, and he takes your money. Their website says, 'We'd love to hear from you!', which is a load of crap, steeped high in Babbletee shit.

Josh sucks monkey balls. That's it - now I know why he's too busy to give us back our money...

Reviewed By: Albert Pujols(Guest)
2012-03-08 01:29:35

      I thought I'd give Josh from Babbletees (aka, the suckiest t-shirt company in the world) now 5 1/2 months to honor their customers, and to refund the purchase cost of products that were returned because of the provider's negligence. Still nothing.

Since I've never spoken to Josh, mainly because he fails to return my calls or e-mails, here's what I presume to know about him (I suspect it is fairly accurate):
1) He strikes me as a fairly bright guy, as he set up SPAM filters on e-mail and screens your phone call. This allows him to deliberately ignore exploited customers.
2) He's either really busy, hence he has absolutely no time to reply to e-mails, return calls, or refund money or he's too busy masturbating to animal porn.
3) Perhaps this is more logical, that the company's gone bust, he got hit by a bus, he's dying of cancer, or is dead. All are wishful thinking, but unlikely.
4) He's an asshole. After deductive reason, I can only assume that a proprietor who does not return customer communication or attempt to honor a refund is just simply a tool.

Attrition is a powerful tool. For customers thinking about purchasing from Babbletees - beware. Honestly, they care little about you.

Reviewed By: Yo Mama(Guest)
2012-03-07 06:56:54

      Josh and Babbletees are a small niche t-shirt company that operates with poor business ethnics and terrible customer service. We are still locked in a five-month, one-sided battle - that is, we have been trying to call and e-mail them for small refund (after they sent the wrong merchandise and we returned them), and they have never contacted us or returned our e-mails and queries.

Go on Josh, tell everyone how you and your company absorbed our money, and how you're refusing to acknowledge all our attempts to communicate with you. Five months? Really? That's pretty childish.

P.S. - You suck. Balls.

Reviewed By: kirem
2011-12-29 15:46:37

      Straightforward. Time from placing order to when I was sent a Bitcoin payment address was 4 days. Products are as advertised. Excellent designs. Shirts are labeled as "Garment made in California, USA. Printed and designed in Illinois, USA". Don't see that too often these days.

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