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Bets of Bitcoin      

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Online products / Gambling
Bets of Bitcoin is a website where you can bet bitcoins on real world events. There are two ways to earn bitcoins:
1)Bet on an existing statement
2)Submit a new statement
United States
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Bets of Bitcoin's Reviews & Comments
Reviewed By: Michelle(Guest)
2014-03-29 17:46:01

      That's a good question and I rellay don't know, but it's probably two different things. If you prefer to use the same one, just try that. If it doesn't let you, then you'll know you have to create another one.
Reviewed By: Stephen Gornick
2012-04-29 14:57:05

      This predictions market lets you validate how smart you really are by making bets based on what you know.

Bets as low as 0.1 BTC so even when you aren't sure, you can at least put a little down and get an e-mail with the result.

It really is a fantastic site!

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